Useful Blog Management Code

tl;dr: Code for me to use to not have to look stuff up on Stack Overflow when I am writing posts for this blog. More than you might expect! Like for converting images from PNG to JPG for web optimization.

Convert MOV to Gif, Get good speed and optimize file size. Takes some time

ffmpeg -y -i Omnibot\ v40-cropped.mp4 -vf "scale=800:450" -f image2pipe -vcodec ppm - | convert -delay 2 -loop 0 -layers Optimize - gif:- | gifsicle -d 3 -O3 -o optimized.gif


sed 's/base_url\ =\ \"https:\/\/\"/base_url\ =\ \"https:\/\/\"/g' config.toml >> config.toml


I hope this works lol, this is in the build step in netlify

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